About Us

Fashion is art and a beautiful tool of self expression. We hope to help you express yourself with beautiful unique high quality pieces.

Our mission is to bring high quality, handmade products at an affordable price to our customers.

We carry the largest selection of American Darling, anywhere.  If you don't find something that you are looking for, message us and we will find it for you!

Dodi Jo's was inspired shortly after Aubri lost her mom as a tribute to the creativity and love of fashion she inspired throughout her life. Her nickname was Dodi Jo. Melodi 'Dodi Jo' Mathews was a designer in every aspect of life, including her many years as a seamstress, finding beauty wherever she looked. She was a rodeo queen and riding a horse was one of her happy places. She would have loved every item we have in our shop and was Aubri's biggest inspiration and source of support. Thank you for supporting our dream that we hope to pass down to our six boys as we teach them as Dodi Jo taught us.

Dodi Jo and her cowboy

Dodi Jo and her cowboy